How to choose a solid umbrella?


Great umbrellas:

an accessory that can save your life and clothe's life too. But it can also be a nightmare if it breaks! From now on, no more secrets about umbrellas: here on Forum des Sacs we will tell you everything there is to know on how to choose the latter so that never again you will get an umbrella that will let you down so as to get THE umbrella resistant to all weather conditions.

First, there are two types of umbrellas: the foldable one, very practical, light and compact and long umbrellas known for their longiviness and resistance. Actually, each has its drawbacks. The folding umbrella, is very fragile and can easily break in the case of strong winds, and then there is the long umbrella which is heavier and bigger. The trick is to find the right combination of both.

One of the main criteria should be to consider in which environment it is that you live in. If you live by the sea or a place where the weather is unpredictable and the wind blows at its ease, choose the long umbrella. And yes, more an umbrella is long, the more resistant it is!

Six decisions to make while considering your purchase :

How to choose the correct umbrella ribs?

In general, you will find 8 of them, made of steel or fiberglass, these are the main pillars of the canvas. But actually, fiberglass is stronger and more resistant. The more ribs you will find, the more resistant the umbrella will be. You should consider two types of ribs: solid or hollow (the latter beeing the less resistant).

How to choose the right fabric?

The more it is stretched, the better quality it will be. This canvas can undergo two types of treatment, the first, the most crucial, consists in its waterproofness. The second, more optional, is the UV protection so as to avoid discoloration. The main materials used are polyester or cotton and may be lined for better resistance. A see-through umbrella is manufactured from PVC / polyester. A simple and effective test to check if the fabric of the umbrella is waterproof is to face the latter, once open facing the light :the light should not fo through. Regarding the seams, the tighter they are, the better!

How to choose the right handle and stick ?

This is the main feature of your umbrella. Usually made of steel, reinforced steel, wood or fiberglass, it may be retractable or long. If you are looking for a strong and long lasting umbrella opt for the long one. For more comfort and support, choose the handle in the shape of a hook.

Which system should you choose for the open & close function?

Their are two types: the traditional type, which is done manually by pressing the lock button et to slide the ribs of the umbrella all the way up the stick ; or the automatic way : your umbrella will open and close just by pressing the lock button. Both are just as good, so up to you to tell the difference.

Two small extra tips : Opt for a Made in France model, and remember, the umbrella's worst enemy is rust !

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