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Isotoner Gloves and Umbrellas


We have a wide range of designers and brands available to you at low-cost prices on Forum des Sacs. What we do? We are a low-cost online bag retailer.

Slippers, Umbrellas and Isotoner Gloves

the first products from brand was actually, Isotoner leather gloves when it first appeared on the market. Since then, they have cam up with very flexible gloves made out of elastic and nylon with wool or leather and was thus the first pair of extensible Isotoner gloves in the Universe.. After that, the company designed their first pair of slippers made in France. The most recent pruduct from Isotoner is the solid Isotoner Umbrella. At this time, the firm has made a diversity of products so it can satisfy as many as their clients as they can and so that their needs are met. The brand has several sorts of umbrellas with different shapes and colors which can actually suit pretty much anyone, at any age. We actually have selected for you, Isotoner umbrellas for kids, for men, umbrellas for women, automatic umbrellas, or manual close umbreallas, with a hook or a bell, XXL format or rather a mini format that will sleap into your bag very easily. You name it, we've selected it for you. Many styles available for everytone. On Forum des Sacs you have the opportunity to find the gloves or slippers  for a cheaper price and we have the nicest ones also. 

Forum des Sacs has Discounted Isotoner

For the gloves we have many sizes and colors. We hope you can find what you are looking for here.. Whereas Isotoner Gloves for women or Isotoner gloves for men, you name it, we've got it. If you are looking for a different brand or designer though maybe you will also enjoy Samsonite.


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