Bags by Rip Curl: pencil cases, backpacks sale


Bags by Rip Curl: pencil cases, backpacks

Rip Curl

We have selected the brand Rip Curl for all sport lovers out there. Forum des Sacs does not choose her clientele it is rather the other way around: and this includes cool surfeurs too.

Adopt the nonchalant and actif look by the Surf look connaisseur : Rip Curl

Rip Curl is the one and only Australien brand to have dared to start an extreme sport's equipment brand in 1969 : skateboarders, snowboarders, surfeurs. For this, Rip Curl's designers had the ingenius idea to create bags to specially carry these sensational sport's gear. Until today, Rip curl bags have enjoy great success and are used in many domaines. Nevertheless, always with the 'surfeur' label.

Rip Curl Outlet and Surf Lovers

If a backpack by Rip Curl has been on the road all these years, its because it has many well kept secrets that slowly are being revealed: sturdiness, practical and comfortable. International entrepreneur Leader, the brand has based itself on beach activities. It also has very uselful gear for wetsuits, rip curl bikinis and other beachwear. The Rip Curl school bag is also adored by young schoolkids. It is exactly the brand mothers need for a kid fanatic of outdoor activites, extreme sports, little boys and little girls love the brand but so do all surf lovers. Rip Curl backpacks are just a great way to go to the beach without having to leave anything behind. Checl out on Forum des Sacs the best deals. For other sport brands we also have Roxy and Quiksilver

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