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On Forum des sacs, you will find Samsonite luggage. Since 1910, the brand offers quality luggage that defy time and the years thanks to their solidity. All with a totally trendy design! You can find Samsonite suitcases, computer bags, tablet covers, toilet bags, vanity cases ... A large number of containers that allow you to always travel with the ideal luggage!

Samsonite outlet luggage: to travel in all serenity and with style

 Enjoy the comfort and practicality of these quality suitcases and world famous brand. Why the Samsonite brand is the undisputed world leader in the luggage market? Because Samsonite suitcases are unquestionably the most solid in the market. A suitcase that lasts and lasts for years!

The Samsonite Travel bag, a must-have while traveling 

To travel well, good or however you want to qualify it, you must travel with the bag adapted to your trip. If the plan is to go skiing, have you thought of which bag you should tale? We often forget, but the case is actually an essential element while traveling... You just have to make sure its the adapted one so as to not find yourself in an akward situation. When you prepare your trip, you think of everything: what to bring, where to go, how much is this all going to cost us...? But we ofter forget that it is important to have an adapted bag for these travels. It's quite simple really, having the right bag, adapted for each holiday, short or long, its a way of ensuring that the break will span out smoothly ! To choose the right one, you must think about a few things. The first, is what you will put in this samsonite suitcase : are you just jetting off for the weekend or is it more like a week thing? Will you take warm clothes, gear, or will you be traveling light? Even if we have to try and travel light, it is almost certain that you will be unable to transport a weeks worth of clothes and neccessities in a cabin bag ! Secondly, you must think about what kind of itinerary you will be on. If you will be on foot a lot, you should take a bag adapted accordingly. So, if you will be traveling mostly by bus / train or by foot, you should think about taking something that won't bulk you up too much. Also, if you're going camping or to a hotel you should take an bag that is adapted. Basically, the best solution is to have an adapted Samsonite bag ( and to not always want to bring the same bag along with you for a romantic getaway ! )

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laptop bag SAMSONITE X'Blade Business 2.0 Bailhandle face laptop bag SAMSONITE X'Blade Business 2.0 Bailhandle face

Computer Bag by Samsonite, from the X'blade Business collection, for a 16 inch laptop. Two separated zipped pockets, one for the laptop and the other for the tablet. Adjustable/removable strap.

Weight: 1.3kg

Volume : 18 / 21.5 L

Material : 98% Polyester + 2% Polyurethane (eco leather)

Guaranty : 2 years

Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner suitcase 75cm black face Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner suitcase 75cm black face

Large Suitcase by Cosmolite Spinner Samsonite in black, 75 cm

Volume: 94.0 L  Weight : 2.80 kg | 6.17 lbs

4 multidirectional wheels, TSA 3 pin padlock. Inside:Fishnet zipped divider, elastic crossed strap. Chocs resistant and incredibly light with Curv technology

SaMSONITE Disney Wonder Frozen Pencil Case face SaMSONITE Disney Wonder Frozen Pencil Case face

Samsonite Pencil Case. 100% polyester. Volume: 1L. Closes by metal zip and has one pocket. Ideal for little girls...

SAMSONITE Spider Man extendable backpack face SAMSONITE Spider Man extendable backpack face

Samsonite Spider Man backpack ideal for little boys. Many storage pockets. Adjustable & padded straps. Extendable backpack. 

Material : polyester

check out this video for Samsonite ici !

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