Running Fanny Packs

Its funny how we never ever think that our kid would be a lot better off with a cool fanny pack, allowing him to run around freely with all his necessary items to hand. On Forum des Sacs we have all types of  bags and accessories for kids so come and check out what we have, and all the great deals online

The Fanny Pack for kids

The Fanny Pack is a small pouch that allows you to freely carry a limited amount of objects around: mobile phone or wallet. Order your Fanny Packs at our online store, Forum des Sacs US and find designer goods at low prices on the website. Whatever the size of your waistline, you will find big brands like Quiksilver's Fanny Packs, Elite luggage or even Eastpak's own.

A Leather Fanny Pack or Canvas Fanny Packs

It was during the 90's that all sorts of fashion accessories made their first appearance, actually considered as a fashion faux-pas or completely outdated. It's true, nowadays walkmans, phone cases or other items such as huge pullovers like the one from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air have become obsolete to say the least, many of these items/ products have been unable to make a comback into fashion because they seem so last millenium. The fanny pack is part of this generation of items, described as vintage. More attributed to tourist then to ourselves, the fann pack is trying very hard at making a come back and seems to be actually coming out on the other side of leather accessories and bags. A succes or a Failure?, whatever is happening with the bum bag many fashion designers and brands have decided to re-launch the infamous fanny pack. The 90's enable fanny packs to make a statement in all its splendure, loved for its convenience, carrying a fanny pack gives us a sense of freedom. So much appreciated from the public, this item has become indispensable! 

We also have fanny packs for men and women.

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The bum bag for kids is the perfect balance between the shoulder pouch like those of the famous brand Eastpak, and their habit of putting all their things in their pockets! Thanks to their new bum bag, your kid can walk and practice any activity they want to keep his things safe and his hands free!

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