Kids' Umbrellas

Here on Forum des Sacs we like to think that we include everyone, including your kids. So we have a whole category for kids products including bags and accessories from umbrellas to passport holders we've (hope) we've got it all to cover any need (concerning bags, and transporting stuff ;) ) your kid may have today or in the future. Order online today and benefit from the many great deals online!

An Original Umbrella for Kids!

Treat yourself to original models of kid umbrellas- with drawings, animals, flowers, butterflies shapes ... A neccessary accessory for you kid especially when its raining cats & dogs outside and you don't want munchkin to get all wet on there way to school (especially since munchkin started going on his/her own) until they reach the school bus. Anddd, you want cutie pie to have the coolest umbrella of them all and not get it mixed up with their school friends'. So what better way than getting an original cool umbrella for great brands like samsonite and designers online today on our accessory for kids page on Forum des Sacs US?

Want an Umbrella too?

If you are looking for an umbrella for your teen you can directly see pages for men or woman umbrellas, which will give you GREAT tips on how to choose the perfect umbrella!

There are no products matching the selection.

Discover our range of fun kid's umbrella. With their kiddy umbrella, they will adore the rain and will be happy to hang out with their new umbrella!

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