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You're really hesistant on what to get your kid for their birthday? You really have no idea and you would like a push in the right direction? Well now, we have what you are looking for one the number one online retailer for bags, Forum des Sacs US,  bags and cool backpacks for kids and teenagers. .

Wallet for kids

Give your kid his first wallet. Many models in canvas or leather to choose from, we also have models that are more girly from designers such as Hello Kitty will delight your little girl. Thanks to a wallet, your kid will store his bills, cards, and coins away. A kid wallet can easily fit in to a bum bag, or a kiddy handbag. For young teenagers, these wallets can fit into the sixth form schoolbag or their college bag.

Cool Brands and Designer Available on Forum des Sacs : Wallets 

We also have other products available. Don't look any further whether it is a fanny pack, book bag, school bag on wheels or without, messenger bag, or handbags for school we probably have it

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A wide range of choice for children wallets so they can organize and start storing their first ID. papers and money! Regardless of gender, you will find the boy or girl wallet perfect for your kid!

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