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Garment bags from designer brands to carry with ease all your chic wear for Men or for Women, all your work clothes you will need once the travell is over. However, you're struggling to find the suited luggage for this, and wonder what will you transport your shirts, skirts and trousers in? Did you know... That today there is a simple solution to this problem that is oh so convenient and over thousands and thousands of people use it to transport their work atire around!? Yes, we are talking about the garment bag, a revolutionary concept that travel bag designers came up with in order to improve the services their ordinary bags already possesed to give themselves that extra competitive edge.

Designer garment covers

Ideal for storing your suits, dresses and/or shirts, the garment cover bag is an essential travel accessory than will enable you to transport you clothes without getting them creased ! The garment cover can also easily slip into a bag on wheels or travel bag. All the garment cover models for travelling : on wheels or with strap all available on Forum des sacs. Check out our garment cover bags from Samsonite !

Affordable Garment Bags & Suit Bags on Forum des Sacs

Or if you're searching for something more professional to carry you books around why not a briefcase

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Come and check out our garment covers and suite bags right here on Forum des Sacs

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