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If you're planning a holiday soon with the sun's showing its head again, and you are just in need for a new travel bags and accessories, Forum des Sacs may have what you are looking for.

Selected online Designer Vanity Cases

a makeup bag is like the most basic thing you will need whilst travelling ( if you know what we mean !) , you have to remember not to forget it! It's like the 101 lesson of going away... even if its just for a short while. We have therefore selected (for you ladies !) a range of low priced toilet bags on Forum des sacs from brands and designer such as Elite bagages, Roncato, American Tourister, Lacoste makeup case, Samsonite vanity bag and many more... They are compact, light and of good quality. Designed to store your toiletteries while on the go, they know how to seduce and make you fall for a men's toilet bag or one for women, depending on what you want !

What is a Makeup bag for?

Described also as a piece of luggage of its own, made for your beauty products and toiletries storage and transportation whil away from home, a vanity case IS an accessory which all women should possess especially if she is away on business or leisure alot. By its stylish design and format it represents the perfect balance between a suitcase and a handbag bevause it is not too bulky nor too elegant to be worne just like a handbag. Actually, it has many compartments for all shampoos, tooth brushes, perfume or you eau de toilette. It can also be used for other reasons, for your make up kits, manicure kits, for differen body cures. Or even it could story all your jewelry and hair accessories. Some Vanity cases even have draws to store these and be organised at the same time!

Multifunctional Vanity Case ?

you could also make it into a handbag, up to you!

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