Size and Weight depending on your airline

When you travel, you must be very careful when preparing your suitcase. Indeed, if you take more luggage than what you are entitled to, and if the weight is over the limit, you'll have to pay the extra fee that can be quite expensive (40 to 80 US dollars). So let's see together what are the size and weight of hand baggage and suitcases that are authorized by the most popular airlines.


The International Air Transportation Association ( IATA) has set some standards for you luggage that are more or less adopted by airline companies.

For cabine, you can bring a personal piece of hand luggage or cabine luggage which cannot go over : 56 (H) x 45 (L) x25 (W) cm, including wheels and handles

H = hight

L = length

W = Width



And cannot go over 10 Kg


Aswell as this small hand luggage you are additionnally authorized to carry a personnal bag of 2Kg or less such as a handbag, computer bag, camera bag or even a pram


However, the size and weight of each luggage can change a vary depending on the airline and which class you are in (economy/first/business). For example, while in business, you can carry as much as 18Kg.

For lowcost airlines : only one cabine bag is authorized, no heavier than 7Kg.


Listed below you will find different airline companies. Click on your concerned category to find your company's name. For more information, we suggest that you visit directly the airline's webpage


1) French airlines (click here)



Air France


Transavia France


Air Corsica


Aigle Azur


Corsair International


Air Méditerranée


Air Caraïbes


XL Airways France


Air Austral



2) British airlines (click here)


British Airways







3) Chinese airlines (click here)


China Eastern


China Southern


Air China



4) American airlines (click here)


American Airlines


US Airways




United Airlines



5) Other airline companies (click here)


Vueling (Spain)


Lufthansa (Germany)


Wizz Air (Hungary and Poland)


Turkish Airlines (Turkey)


Emirates (The United Arabe Emirates)





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