The attache case is really important for business men and women that need to bring all their important documents with them everyday. Most of the time, it is more obvious to choose a briefcase or a messenger bag or even a document holder. However, when you also have to carry your personal laptop, the attaché is very appropriate for a work bag. A small sized bag specially made for professional use, will allow you to have all your essentials for work, like documents and folder all the time and everywhere. Also gives you the allure you are looking for : chic, elegant and unique.

Computer Attache Case

The attaché is a small triangular bag, often used for the transport of documents. It is characterized by its rectangular and very rigid structure. The attache reminds us all of the stereotype of the businessman with his briefcase. indulge yourself with our selection of attaches at unbeatable prices!

Haut-gamme Attache Case for refined business men

In terms of business bags, the attach or pilot case is probably what you should go for when undecided, its unevitable, one day you will be found to have to choose a trusted side-kick for everyday work.

This is one of the many reasons why the wworld's biggest designers are conceiving today such a variation of attache case that will agree with the most extravagant to the more sober looks, for those whom enjoy the latest trend or for those whom just consider it necessary to look elegant for work. Today's available models on the market can also vary across a big range of sophisticated looks.

Therefore the ideal pilot case would be the one that compromises a storage space big enough for your laptop or computer bag and your documents, as well a pockets for all your accessories such as your USB key, computer mouse or mobile phon(s). The inside should be padded to give a better protection for all of your personal belongings but especially for your high tech gadgets. The cases can also have a strap for you to carry over your shoulder. If you want more class though, handles such as leather handles can be a good transportation method.

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